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Enjoy Everlasting Youth & Vitality



Please note that Celergen is a health supplement with varying benefits depending on individuals.

It is NOT a medicine and should NOT be taken as a replacement for any medical treatment or prescribed medication by doctors.


Please consult medical professionals if you have a medical condition. 


Rolly & Aiza

New York & New Zealand

As a healthcare assistant during the current pandemic, Rolly has been working with Covid-19 patients. After one of them passed away due to the virus, he was advised to be isolated after developing mild Covid-19 symptoms. 

He experienced chest tightness, breathing difficulties and diarrhoea. He was also unable to sleep due to persistent coughing and anxiety. After hearing about Rolly's situation, his sister Aiza quickly send Celergen to him.


His symptoms were immediately relieved after he started taking 2 capsules per day. He was able to sleep well, the tightness in his chest was relieved and his diarrhoea condition improved. In a few days, Rolly made a full recovery.


Cat Ting-Garza

The Philippines

After being admitted to the hospital for Covid-19, Cat was suffering from severe symptoms which included high fever, vomiting, diarrhoea and body aches. Her doctor declared code-blue when she started having breathing difficulties and she was put on oxygen and had a ventilator on standby. She immediately started taking 3 Celergen capsules a day.

Within a few days, her doctor declared that she is no longer in need of intensive care as her condition has improved tremendously. It was a pleasant surprise to her doctor given that she was asthmatic and categorised as comorbidity, he expected her to be intubated.

Though the reason for her recovery is not determined, Cat is grateful that Celergen has helped in her speedy recovery. 


Before I took Celergen, I used to experience a little blurness on my eye, as if there’s a film covering the vision. However, now since I started on Celergen, I noticed that I do not have that discomfort for quite some time already.


I also went to have blood test and found that my cholesterol level has become normal and even the good cholesterol has increased.

Bell Cheong


Nani Almeda.png

Nani Almeda

The Philippines 

I started Celergen in October 2014 when I knew it through Jinnie. I have been a diabetic for the last 7 years of my life. 


Taking Celergen is the most significant breakthrough in my life because I have been taking insulin (70 units) daily for the past 7 years.


Since 3 weeks ago, I have stopped my intake of insulin. For the past 7 months of taking Celergen I have been sharing the goodness with my friends, golfer friends, and old friends. 


I believe I am on my way to leading a normal life being liberated from insulin intake. 


Lissa Deleon

The Philippines

Last year 2015, on Christmas day I had a hypertensive stroke. I lost my speech and function of my left side of the body. 


One day, a friend of mine who heard about my condition from a common friend came by to visit and recommended me Celergen. 


I took for 2 days and to our amazement, after the 2ndday I started moving down from bed and started walking gradually.


I felt it was a miracle.. Thank you Celergen and my friend Ray

Ko Ko Gyi


I started using Celergen 2 years ago for my mother who suffers from chronic knee pain. As she refused to go for surgery, I introduced Celergen to her. After 1 year, her condition is improving. She is now able to travel anywhere without much difficulties.


For myself, I have been suffering from hypertension for the last 4 years and have to take daily medication. After taking Celergen for 1 year, my doctor says that my condition is stable now and I do not need any special treatment anymore.


I share about Celergen with my friends whenever possible and now many of them have come to take Celergen with positive results.

Celergen has transformed my life for the better! I’m now healthier, more vibrant and feeling younger. My friends whom have not seen me for a while noticed the difference and asked how is it that I am looking better with a glow now. The product speaks for itself!

Irene Chia- Dunareanu


Emerito Tomada

The Philippines

In the past 4 months of taking Celergen, my asthma attacks stopped and there was no need for my inhaler. My energy level improved and my mood has become much better!


Thank you Celergen! I would recommend to all Filipinos!

My uncle has been suffering from shaky hands for quite some time yet he refuses to go for a check-up. After 40 days of Celergen, his Parkinson issue improved and he feels better overall.

His doctors recommend him to continue taking Celergen.

Dr. Thae Myat Soe


In my 30s, I started experiencing menopausal symptoms and went for a medical check-up. Doctors told me that my inner body was aging prematurely.


After 1 year of Celergen, my health improved tremendously and I feel physically and mentally younger. 

Ms Inguito

The Philippines

Ma Khine Zaw


I suffered an ear infection suddenly in 2015. I keep hearing "drilling" sound in my right ear. Soon the sounds gets louder and more often. I went to see my doctor then realised it's due to aging and there's no surgery or any remedy.

I heard about Celergen from a friend and I was looking around to get it. Until I travelled to Singapore and found it thru my sis and met Ms Theingi who is also a family friend.


After less than 2 boxes of Celergen the sound was gone. And most marvellous of all, the melasma pigmentation on my face was diminished. I went thru many treatments for my melasma but it didn't helped until started Celergen. The energy I get is superb!

Tan Meng How


3 years ago, I noticed that white patches were starting to appear all over my body. Worried, I went to the doctors and was diagnosed with vitiligo, a skin disease which causes white patches because the cells that make pigments in the skin are destroyed.

I sought many skin specialists to get treated. I tried everything from Traditional Chinese Medicine to any cream and supplements I could get my hands on. However, nothing helped!

Then I was introduced to Celergen. After 4 months of this food supplement, my condition improved tremendously. It is simply incredible! The deterioration has stopped and I really thank God for Celergen.

For the last 12 yrs I have been wanting to improve my health, through diet (failed), through exercise (made me hungry), supplements, made me gain weight and dehydrated.


Celergen was the only one to control my appetite, gave me energy, restore my knee and ankle problem, and for some reason made me lose the weight from a size 38 waist (american size) to a size 34 (PH sizing). in total the quality life I have been wanting ever since.

Cyril Romero

The Philippines 

For many years, I’d been seeking treatment for my high anxiety issue. Upon waking up, I would get very anxious and fearful and unable to get back to sleep. I always prefer natural solution to synthetic drugs. I came to know about cell therapy and how it can help to alleviate stress and anxiety. I tried Celergen and within a week, I enjoyed uninterrupted sleep and without fear.

Madam Ting


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